Maintaining Security in Cellular IoT Devices

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One of the increasingly popular ways in which IoT devices take form is through cellular IoT. By using cellular IoT devices, cellular networks can be deployed all over the world, which allows for global coverage when you are building applications or even conducting day-to-day logistical work. Despite not getting widespread coverage in tech media, as of 2024 cellular IoT devices are expected to make up a whopping 20% of all IoT devices online. 

Security in Cellular IoT Devices

Like any type of IoT device, cellular IoT suffers from the imminent threat of adversaries at all times. If a device is connected to a certain organisation or industry, infecting that device or manipulating it could mean putting your company at risk. This means that for many organisations, they need to implement some level of encryption or maintain a level of consistency within their environment. If you are reading this, you are probably aware of the fact that there is a severe skills gap in cybersecurity, so how can organisations protect themselves from these challenges?

In this episode of Tech Chat, Head of Content at EM360 Max Kurton talks to Frank Stoecker, CEO of Emnify. Tune into this episode so that you can be aware of what steps you need to take to retain IoT security and how to deploy cellular IoT in your organisation without simultaneously putting it at risk.

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