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Ravit Jain Generative AI on enterprise data meetup

It's safe to say generative AI isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But, amidst all the AI hype, it can be difficult to understand how to apply generative AI to your business.

The Generative AI on Enterprise Data Meetup empowers business leaders to uncover actionable use cases from generative AI while also delving deep into the risks, challenges and opportunities that come with this new and exciting technology.

Taking place on September 19 at the Projective headquarters in London, the occasion will unite leading experts in generative AI to discuss the latest developments and applications in the field. Attendees can network with some of the world’s leading AI experts and hear from AI practitioners who are using generative AI tech to tackle real-world challenges. 

The meetup will be Hosted by Ravit Jain, Founder and Host of “The Ravit Show," along with Sanjeev Mohan, Principal at SanjiMo and former Gartner Research VP. It also boasts an impressive lineup of AI thought leaders and practitioners speaking about real-life use cases of generative AI in businesses.

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EM360’s Ellis Stewart spoke to Ravit Jain to get a better understanding of what attendees can expect from this unique union of thought leaders and generative AI practitioners.

Ellis: On September 19, you’re hosting the Generative AI On Enterprise Data Meetup with Sanjeev Mohan. What makes this event so exciting?

Ravit: “The Generative AI On Enterprise Data Meetup is a timely and crucial gathering for business leaders to demystify the rapidly evolving world of generative AI. What sets this event apart is its pragmatic approach to understanding and applying generative AI in real-world business scenarios.

“Hosted at the scenic Projective headquarters overlooking the River Thames, this conference offers a blend of theoretical insights and hands-on workshops, ensuring that attendees not only grasp the potential of generative AI but also understand its practical applications. 

“Collaborating with Sanjeev Mohan, a recognised figure in the Data & AI domain, further amplifies the event's significance, promising attendees a comprehensive overview of the current and future landscape of generative AI in enterprise settings.”

Ellis: There’s an impressive line-up of speakers attending as well! What can attendees expect from this all-star union of AI and data experts?

Ravit: “Attendees can anticipate a dynamic mix of sessions that delve deep into the state of the art in generative AI, its challenges, opportunities, and real-world use cases across various industries. 

Given the calibre of our speakers, participants will benefit from a blend of academic rigor, industry insights, and practical demonstrations.

 “The event will also address the ethical and legal dimensions of generative AI, ensuring a holistic understanding. The interactive nature of the conference, combined with the opportunity to engage with sponsors and experts directly, ensures a rich, collaborative, and enlightening experience for all.”

Ellis: AI is obviously an incredibly hot topic right now. How are business leaders using generative AI to solve real-world problems?

Ravit: “Business leaders are increasingly recognizing the transformative potential of generative AI. Some of the real-world applications include: product innovation, content generation, supply chain enhancement, customer experience and risk mitigation

"Our conference will delve deeper into these applications, offering attendees tangible insights and strategies to harness generative AI in their respective domains."

Ellis: What is the big data and AI trend you’re most excited about in 2023?

Ravit: “In 2023, the fusion of federated learning with generative AI stands out as a particularly promising trend.” 

"Federated learning allows AI models to train on decentralized data sources, ensuring data privacy and minimizing data transfer. When integrated with generative AI, it enables businesses to derive insights and solutions without centralizing sensitive data. 

"This not only bolsters data security but also fosters collaborative AI initiatives across organisations, ensuring data sovereignty and privacy.

 “Given the emphasis on data privacy and collaboration in today's digital age, this trend holds immense potential for reshaping the AI and big data landscape!"



The Generative AI on Enterprise Data Meetup takes place on September 19. 

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