Ravit Jain: EM360 Announces New Industry Guru

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Ravit Jain

Ravit Jain, Data Science/AI Evangelist and Founder of The Ravit Show, has just joined the EM360 Advisory Board as an Industry Guru.

He started building his data science community only a few years ago.  His own motto was to enable growth together. Creating an impact worldwide in this field has been his dream, which he managed to make happen. Now the community consists of over 300,000 data science and AI professionals. The Ravit Show or TRS even provides learning paths, videos, and courses for their careers.

Just looking at the main achievements one cannot help being very impressed: ‘Ravit has been named among the top 200 creators by LinkedIn’, ‘The Ravit Show has more than 90 top-notch Data Science companies in their portfolio’. His story was published in the biggest newspaper in India, The Times Of India.

EM360 is a community of IT professionals who endeavour to empower thought leadership and content creation in the enterprise tech space. 

Starting your journey as a member of the EM360 community is as simple as creating an account with your LinkedIn profile. The EM360 website publishes moderated content from our regular contributors and rewards them with new ranks, newsletter promotions, and social media blasts. Learn more here.

By joining EM360 Advisory Board, Ravit joins an elite team of thought leaders, industry analysts, and world rank advisors. Our team of advisors are thought leaders in their field and include John Santaferraro, Christina Stathopoulos, Susan Walsh, Doug Laney, Dr. Eric Cole, Richard Stiennon, Brad LaPorte, Jon Arnold, and many more.

Ravit will closely collaborate with EM360 to produce trendsetting content, including podcasts on data science, and will present unique ways of data storytelling at its best.




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