How Businesses Can Use Technology to Improve Their Fundraising Efforts

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12/06/2023 02:29 PM
How Businesses Can Use Technology

Digital technology has fast become the most essential aspect of the 21st century. Advances in computer technology and artificial intelligence have improved every facet of modern-day industry. Of course, technology has also become an integral factor in the fundraising sector.

Using digital technology to help with a business’s fundraising efforts involves making the most of its strengths. These include the ability to connect more people than ever before.

Online Fundraising

Fundraising used to mean setting up tents, stalls and shops at places where people gathered and gave their best pitch to passersby. Nowadays, however, fundraising can happen entirely online without leaving your home or workplace. In fact, it might be the best way to do it in today’s world.

Online communications can allow businesses to reach more people than ever before. Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is the best way to get the word out about a fundraiser. Finding communities that share the same values as the company and connecting with them is much easier online than traveling in person.

But fundraising digitally is not limited to making people aware of your fundraiser — many online platforms allow businesses to host their entire fundraiser online. These are easy to use if you have any knowledge of accounting software and online storefronts.

Businesses can create a website or a landing page about their fundraiser so visitors can learn more about it. Persuading them through an advertising campaign and details on the website can convince them to donate to the cause. Make sure they have the option to transfer money online and make it easy for them to pay. Being able to bring your fundraiser to millions of people through the power of the internet and e-commerce can significantly raise the chance of it succeeding.

Streaming Events

Camera and computer technology are now powerful enough to host entire events online. Many big companies in various industries host events entirely on the internet. The accessibility and convenience of digitization mean people can attend events without leaving their homes.

This makes the internet the perfect place to hold a fundraising event. Not only is it easy to reach as many people as possible, but an online event can save you time and money. In-person events require teams to find a venue, purchase supplies and prepare materials — not to mention plan how many people can attend.

Virtual events entail little effort to set up. Platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet are free to use and easy to configure. Online fundraisers can also have limitless people in attendance — no need to close the doors on any potential donors. The advantages of virtual events give planners fewer things to worry about, freeing them to craft the most effective strategy for the event.

Hybrid Fundraising Events

Hybrid fundraising is a term used to describe an event incorporating a technological aspect of an in-person venue. These use new technologies such as virtual headsets, robotics or other forms of interactive tech as a draw to the fundraiser.

While there are numerous advantages to using the internet and digital technology for fundraising, there is something to say about the human element. In-person events give fundraisers a more personal feel — allowing potential donors to talk to the team face-to-face can make all the difference.

In addition, too much technology can be a bad thing. A Nonprofit Research Study conducted last year saw that many organizations spend up to 520 hours a year trying to navigate inefficient computer systems and technologies. Sometimes the analog approach is still the best and most cost-effective way to plan a fundraising event.

Combining the personality of in-person events with virtual presentations is a great way to make events more interactive and keep people engaged. Developing a hybrid presentation will take a lot of planning to find the right technology and how to use it, but it can pay off immensely.

Another technology that is perfect for hybrid fundraising events is virtual reality. New technologies such as the Meta Quest and Sony’s VIVE are expanding the applications for virtual reality technology. These tools are highly versatile — they can be used as a draw to get people to visit a venue or as the centerpiece of a presentation. The applications are endless.

Digital Technology Is the Future of Fundraising

Although there can be many caveats to it, there is no denying the advantages of digital technology are perfect for fundraising. Businesses can reach more people than ever before online while keeping costs down and making the most of their time.


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