Datactics’ Advanced Data Quality Solution is a Game-changer for Data-driven Enterprises

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datactics advanced data quality

The data quality software solutions provider Datactics has announced the release of its powerful Augmented Data Quality Solution (ADQ). 

This innovative solution makes faster and more efficient AI-powered data quality accessible and beneficial to all through an enriched user interface and more expansive implementation of machine learning functions.

The release comes with a range of machine learning (ML) extensions that will allow customers of Datactics to deliver data quality improvements faster, more efficiently, and with maximum business impact. ADQ Users will benefit from improved profiling, including outlier detection and automated rule suggestions. 

The solution also includes a new feature called ‘Insights Hub’ which allows customers to benefit from the long histories of data quality ‘break/fix’ activities and to perform analysis into which remediations are having the most substantial business impact.

“ADQ couples the power of AI augmentation and automation to create business value by reducing the manual effort of achieving data quality, increasing data accuracy, and providing enhanced insight into data,” said Datactics CEO Stuart Harvey.

"Having created rules to measure and remediate broken data, ADQ can be used to further root cause analysis by understanding whether data quality improvements are making a difference over time. All of this can be done without deep technical expertise on behalf of the ADQ user."

“We have several international clients already using the system live, and we look forward to rolling out to new and existing customers throughout 2023 and into 2024,” added Mr Harvey.

The Power of Machine Learning

The Datactics Data Quality Dashboard. Source:

Datactics describes augmented data quality as an approach that implements advanced algorithms, ML and AI to automate data quality management.

Its goal is to correct data, learn from this and automatically adapt and improve data quality over time, making data assets more valuable to the business. But doesn’t eliminate the need for a human in the loop providing oversight, decision making and any necessary intervention.

Instead, it eliminates potential delays in data remediation workflows by using greater automation and no-code tooling, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy.

“ADQ makes use of the power of machine learning in a very practical way that will help a data governance professional do their job faster and better,” Mr Harvey continued. “Essentially, it provides a pragmatic and practical real-world understanding of data quality.”

ADQ covers the full spectrum of end-to-end data quality management. The platform provides data profiling, cleaning, matching, and remediation without the need for coding. It leverages the power of AI to provide meaningful data quality insights on data breaks, causes, and detecting outliers.



The learn more about Datactics’ new Advanced Data Quality Solution, visit the Datactics website. 

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