CxO of the Week: Chet Kapoor, DataStax

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Chet Kapoor is the Chairman and CEO at DataStax, which offers a NoSQL solution built on the Apache Cassandra environment. With DataStax, businesses can handle any workload, without having to worry about lock-in, downtime, or location restrictions. 

Chet has a fantastic history in the IT industry, working with leading brands like Google, Apigee, IBM, and more. Furthermore, Kapoor has held an interest in the disruptive technology environment for many years. Today, he stands out as a visionary in his field and a market leader. 

A Visionary in Data Management

Chet’s first experience in the computing landscape took place with NeXT Computer, where he served several roles during his four years with the business. Then in 2002, he joined BEA Systems as a VP and GM, where he worked for two years. By 2004, Kapoor had taken on his first significant c-suite role, as the CEO of Gluecode, a company later acquired by IBM. 

When IBM purchased GlueCode, Chet moved into a VP position with the company, where he stayed for a year and eight months, before moving to Apigee as CEO. Kapoor worked with Apigee for over nine years, helping to build the brand into a leading technology provider. The Google Apigee solution is now a leading cross-cloud API management platform, supporting the hybrid and multi-cloud world. Chet successfully orchestrated Apigee going public, before the company was purchased by Google in 2016. 

Between 2016 and 2019, Kapoor held the role of VP at Google, before taking on his most recent position of CEO and Chairman of DataStax in 2019. 

Leading The Way for DataStax

At DataStax, Kapoor is responsible for leading the strategic direction of the company and helping the brand to grow. Chet brings over two decades of experience in leadership positions with some of the world’s leading software and cloud companies to guide his leadership. Chet also has a BSc in engineering from the Arizona State University. 

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