CxO of the Week: Aaron Kalb, Alation

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Aaron Kalb is the Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer of Alation, a company leading the data logging industry. Alation is a data catalogue platform which enables everyone in a business or group can store and search for information. The platform automatically indexes data by source and gathers in-depth insights into the information that you collect. 

Aside from simply collecting and storing data, Alation helps businesses make the most of their insights with machine learning. The machine learning technology in the company also helps to constantly improve the performance of the platform. 

An Innovator in Computing

Aaron Kalb has always been an innovator, with five patents to his name and a professional publication. As a star pupil from Stanford, Aaron launched his career quickly with a job at Apple. As a software engineer, Kalb was responsible for creating and implementing software for first-party iOS applications. He also helped with implementing several new technologies. 

After two years as a software engineer, Kalb switched to a career as a Designer and Researcher for the Siri Advanced Development Group. Here, Aaron tested interactions and systems for voice-focused interfaces. 

In 2012, Kalb co-founded Alation and became Head of Product for the data logging company. In this initial role, he was responsible for defining the Alation product suite and leading the design team. Then in 2018, his position morphed to VP of Design and Strategic Initiative. In that new role, Aaron helped to guide the design team and spearhead several secret products. 

Then in 2019, Aaron took on his latest role of Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer for the Alation brand. 

Guiding the Future of Alation

Kalb is now Alation’s first ever Chief Data Officer. In this role, he’s responsible for promoting data-driven decision-making within the company culture. Aaron also leads a highly focused team, dedicated to supporting the data governance of the company. 

Aaron’s role allows him to explore countless new opportunities in data science, analytics, and reporting within the business. Going forward, there’s no doubt that Aaron’s unique view of the technology industry will help him lead Alation to great things.

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