Frinx Company Profile


FRINX builds software that enables customers to create automated, repeatable, digital processes to build, grow and operate their digital infrastructure. Enterprise and service provider customers are choosing FRINX products and solutions to automate cloud assets, branch offices, core, edge and access networks. The goal of automation is to provide programmatic interfaces to customers (internal or external), to save time and resources in deploying infrastructure changes and to provide a cost effective basis for adding new functionality in the infrastructure.

FRINX provides software that enables low-code workflow design and operation, analytics to support machine learning and intent based infrastructure control to integrate devices and services from many networking vendors.

FRINX solutions are operated and deployed by industry leaders like Facebook, SoftBank, Vodafone and other Global Fortune 500 companies to support their automation needs. FRINX is a privately held company with offices in Bratislava, Slovakia and New York, NY