Trade Surveillance and Machine Learning Podcast with TIBCO Software Event Processing Specialist Mark Hudson

Published on
13/12/2019 11:06 AM

In this podcast on Trade Surveillance and Machine Learning, Mark Hudson, Event Processing Specialist of the Office Of The Chief Technology Officer at TIBCO Software, discusses the current challenges in the industry and the smartest ways of dealing with them. Mark explores the key elements missing from most of today’s solutions and analyses the costs that business faces arising from regulation. TIBCO’s expert explains how Trade Surveillance compares with Market Risk and Payment Surveillance and shares TIBCO’s uniquely effective approach to the sector.

Key takeaways

1. Regulators are pushing businesses in the direction of real time surveillance prompting organisations to turn to machine learning for solutions.

2. A single real-time integrated surveillance engine that can do all types of surveillance in parallel on the same incoming data is customers’ preferred solution.

3. The same technology employed in trade surveillance can also be used to run further algorithms looking for customers assuming an appetite for risk increasing business profitability.

Download TIBCO’s paper on Real-time Risk Detection: Addressing the challenge of false positives using machine learning or their brief solution on Identifying Suspected Fraud Perpetrators and Accomplices.

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