Solidatus: Supply Chain Management and Traceability


Supply chains are all about the journey and lifecycle of a product, whether a physical product or a data product. Data supply chains by their intangible nature tend to be more complex and less understood within organisations. When data enters or is created within an organisation, who determines where it goes? Who is responsible for it, who uses it, or can change it? How can organisations obtain valuable insights or assess impact to make informed business decisions? With enterprises accumulating more and more data, these data supply chains need to be properly managed, and that includes having a full understanding of data access, movement, retention, and ownership through each stage of its lifecycle. Essentially, the modern enterprise demands transparency, traceability, and trust in its data.

In this podcast, Philip Dutton, Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Solidatus, discusses how organisations should best approach supply chain management and traceability, especially in terms of the automation process, the current model-driven approach to data, measuring against time and ROI, and data privacy.