NFON: Improving CX Through Scalable UCaaS in the Modern Omnichannel Contact Centre

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The modern contact centre is commonly characterised by customer experience (CX) and unified communications (UC). Yet, in the last few years, the 'as-a-service' (aaS) model has very much stolen the show. Simultaneously delivering application, infrastructure, and enterprise services to users over the internet via the cloud rather than via on-premise IT, aaS is changing the way businesses manage and excel in customer relations, communication, collaboration, and financial revenue. From a cost, scalability, productivity, and profitability perspective, the benefits of implementing a cloud-based technology model within the modern contact centre are noteworthy.

The future of the modern contact centre is in the cloud

In this EM360 Podcast, we delve into the use cases and benefits of CX and scalable unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) in the modern contact centre with Chris Selby-Rickards, UK Marketing Director at NFON, and Steve McSherry, Commercial Director at Daktela UK. The duo shares their expertise and advice on the following subjects:

  • Modern contact centre trends and technologies to watch in 2022
  • The benefits of cloud-based services such as UCaaS and CCaaS
  • How omnichannel differs from multichannel and which one businesses should prioritise 
  • Why businesses of all sizes should care about CX now more than ever and the best practices for optimising it

Interested in finding out more about how NFON can help you to improve your organisation’s CX? Book in a call with our expert team to get started! Click here to speak to NFON. 

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