Memverge: In-Memory's High Cost and the Future of Big Memory

Published on
03/09/2021 10:55 AM

According to Memverge - the leading provider in Big Memory technology/software, the emergence of Compute Express Link, also known as CXL, is a big deal for the in-memory computing industry. In a recent article, the company notes that “The new interconnect will be deployed within the next two years at the heart of a new Big Memory fabric consisting of different processors (CPUs, GPUs, DPUs) sharing heterogeneous memory (DRAM, PMEM, and emerging memory).”

Computing in Memory 

In this podcast, Enrico Signoretti, Senior Data Storage Analyst at Gigaom, explores the benefits and future of Big Memory Computing adoption and CXL with Charles Fan, Founder and CEO at Memverge. The conversation kicks off with a discussion about current trends in the growth of data and apps, especially concerning the delivery of results in real-time and the point at which they intersect with Big Memory. Charles also delves into the Memverge in-memory solution - how it works, its USP, and real-world use case examples of how it's benefitting organisations. Closing thoughts focus on the differences and similarities between bioinformatics and financial services industries, plus the future of CXL and how MemVerge plans to take advantage of it.


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