ManageEngine: What is Endpoint Security and How Do I Build a Strategy?

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'What is endpoint security?' is one of the most searched IT security queries on Google. Historically, networks had defences against data breaches such as firewalls. This would ensure all logs, assets, and apps are secure and protected within the business network. However, as the world's workforces continue to embrace the future of work and its primarily 'work from anywhere' style, endpoints are no longer protected under the internal business network. Nowadays, the best way to ensure effective endpoint security is through a layered approach to prevention. This is done by targeting areas of vulnerability and ensuring these weak spots are guarded. 

Modern businesses need to be able to comprehensively answer 'what is endpoint security?'

In this podcast, Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, Dr Eric Cole is once again joined by Head of Global Support, ManageEngine UEMS, Romanus Prabhu. Previously, Romanus discussed 'Enabling Home Workers with Unified Endpoint Management'. This time, he delves deeper into how to keep these endpoints secure and build a strategy to protect them. Learn about:

  • The various layers needed to protect the endpoint 
  • Applying metrics to the 'known knowns vs known unknowns' of endpoint security strategy
  • How the changing attack surface has impacted endpoint security
  • The struggles organisations face in protecting their business on a network level
  • Key areas to focus on when building an endpoint security strategy

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