The Benefits of Time-Series Databases and Opening Up Businesses Digitally

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Digital disruption and transformation are unavoidable in today's digital world. Fueled by the ever-growing and emerging list of next-generation digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics, organisations have no choice but to accept these innovations and utilise them within their operations and ecosystems if they want to remain competitive and succeed. However, as is commonly spoken about in the IT sector, adopting and implementing new technologies is not an 'easy as pie' or smooth sailing process. 

The Benefits of Time-Series Databases and Opening Up Businesses Digitally

The challenges of digital disruption and transformation form the basis of this podcast. Scott Taylor, Principal Consultant at MetaMeta Consulting, speaks with Christian Lutz, Founder, President at, and Bernhard Zimmermann, Director Business Development and Partner at Zühlke, to explore the solution: time-series databases. Christian and Bernhard begin by drawing on and Zühlke's partnership as a case study example, highlighting the idea of data as the new currency from a digital ecosystem perspective. In particular, Christian lends his expertise on data collection and how we should be using it, sharing the pros and cons he sees from ML and AI models. Following this, the pair detail the business benefits of time-series databases and opening up businesses digitally from a customer portal perspective and a data collection strategy; Bernhard notably explains the data culture challenges for organisations and how to implement a strong data strategy. Final thoughts end on the future of data sharing and what needs to be considered from a security element. 

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