Civo: What Kubernetes Means for Startup ROI

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The power of what Kubernetes can do for enterprises is being recognised across the globe. Nonetheless, many SMBs and startups shy away from adopting Kubernetes because of its complexity. For instance, some fear that the learning curve of the open-source container orchestrator will take too much time and energy to integrate into their business. However, once installed, Kubernetes can provide ease of automation, allowing businesses - whether big, small, or newly established - more time to develop their services while enabling their existing applications to run smoothly.

What Kubernetes Can Do For Startups

In this EM360 Podcast episode, Mark Boost CEO and Co-Founder of Civo, joins our Head of Content to discuss how to overcome common Kubernetes complexities. Mark and Max explore: 

  • The complex learning curve of Kubernetes and its impact on adoption 
  • The current myths and misconceptions of Kubernetes
  • How Kubernetes clusters help from an ROI perspective of reducing cost 
  • Case examples of successful Kubernetes integration


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