Cinchy: Dataware: The Present and Future of Data

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How many applications does your business have? How many separate systems are isolating your information? Universally accessible data within your organisation is the future of dataware. The ability to generate, store, and distribute data will transform your business, giving you insight into your performance, reception, and efficiency. Notably, the best way to make this move is to do it in small increments. Whether you’re a global enterprise or small organisation, sharing your data from each application and essentially de-siloing your software cannot be implemented all at once. Gradually introducing each new process ensures you can evolve your business from the present to the future.

The future of business is universally accessible data

Following on from the first episode where Scott Taylor, Principle Consultant at MetaMeta Consulting, and Dan DeMers, Co-Founder and CFO at Cinchy, offered their insights into 'The Problem with Data Integration', this second episode sees the pair explore the present and future of data. Scott and Dan share their expertise on how organisations can transform themselves from their present systems to cleaner, more efficient dataware.

Points of conversation include:

  • Incremental transformations for businesses in full operation
  • The difference in experience between past approaches and new, fully-realised approaches
  • The 'Big ' approach
  • Organisational figureheads who need to be involved in the process and how they can contribute

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