Adatis: Utilising the Analytics of Big Data to Transform Your Business

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Business leaders are in the midst of the biggest digital transformation revolution that the enterprise has ever seen. As the pandemic continues to accelerate the adoption of digital products and services, corporate culture, operations, technologies, stakeholder relationships/partnerships, and customer management/experience continues to evolve. Data transformation has made the most significant impact. No longer just an add-on, data and analytics are driving organisations on a daily basis, informing key decisions in real-time. 

In this podcast, Scott Taylor, Principal Consultant at MetaMeta Consulting, sits down with Andy Isenman, Head of Technology: Cloud and Data at Heathrow, Mark Smith, General Manager of Microsoft Solutions, and Nick Baladi, Account Director at Adatis, to talk about utilising the analytics of big data to transform your business. The conversation specifically focuses on the optimisation of data to aid businesses in a post-pandemic economy, in which parallels are drawn to how Adatis assisted Heathrow to be a more responsive organisation by using Microsoft cloud solutions. The cohort of leading data experts discuss the impact of COVID-19 on data and cultural transformation, the importance of being data-driven, and how the multi-stakeholder partnership has successfully aided and benefited Heathrow's data journey and initiatives. Andy, Mark, and Nick also share some words of wisdom for organisations who are looking to begin their data journey and explore where they see data transformation heading in the future. 

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