StreamSets: How to set up your data democratisation strategy

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Data democratisation is the continuous process of enabling company-wide access to data, regardless of technical know-how, in a bid to spread a data-led decision-making mindset across all departments of an organisation. 

It can be a big challenge - and serious investment - for companies as employee education and tool implementation is not trivial undertakings. 

How can companies set up their data democratisation strategy?

In this episode of the EM360 podcast, Content Producer Matt Harris talks to Giuseppe Mura, Director of Solution Engineering at StreamSets, as they tackle:

  • The steps companies should utilise to set up their data democratisation strategy
  • How the demand for DataOps will be affected as businesses adapt their data integration processes
  • Bringing in non-IT-native and non-DevOps experts and providing them with everything they need

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