StorageOS: Cloud Native Storage: The Way of the Future

Published on
17/02/2021 02:19 PM

Cloud native is much more than your average industry buzzword. Widely seen as an essential part of an organisation's digital transformation journey, the twofold term is the name for the approach to building applications and services for the cloud and, in turn, describes the characteristics of them. It serves as the premise for cloud native storage - a solution that provides comprehensive storage for applications that use and save data. 

In this podcast, Jason Collier, Analyst at Gigaom, speaks to Alex Chircop, Founder and CEO of one of the most popular cloud native storage solutions, StorageOS, about the technicalities behind this breakthrough technology. Alex begins by outlining his initial motivations for creating StorageOS, before going on to explore the logistics behind the solution. This includes how easy it is to deploy, manage, and scale, plus the various types of cloud and/or hardware platforms it can be deployed on. He also discusses StorageOS's ability to be used to run highly-available persistent databases on Kubernetes. To end, Alex provides a case study example of how the solution can be used for high-performance workloads.

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