SHI: Why is Full-Stack Observability so Important?

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Full-stack Observability (FSO) allows real-time monitoring across the whole modern technology stack - bringing applications, software, storage, services and network under one roof transforming siloed data to allow for omniscient management and actionable insights.

Through FSO, IT teams can develop a deeper understanding of how the cogs of their application topologies turn, and can easily access and search data. 

But why is full-stack observability so important?

In this episode of the EM360 podcast, Content Producer Matt Harris talks to Stuart Little, SHI International EMEA Commercial Director at Cisco Solutions, and James Harvey, Executive CTO EMEAR at Cisco App Dynamics, to discuss:

  • FSO and the components that make it up 
  • Why organisations need to care 
  • Case studies of how FSO has turned enterprises around

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