Parasoft: Chasing Continuous Software Quality

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Digital transformation, enterprise DevOps maturity, and software quality are key parts of nearly every modern organisation's business model. In spite of this, recent data from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) highlights that only 20-30% of enterprises can be considered leaders in these three fields, with 60-80% of enterprises still needing to make significant improvements, especially when it comes to chasing continuous software quality.

Joining Steven Hendrick, Research Director at EMA, to lend his expertise on the matter is Matt Klassen, VP of Worldwide Marketing at Parasoft. Matt kicks off the conversation by sharing how digital transformation is currently impacting Parasoft’s business, before giving an insight into the state of continuous integration (CI) and continuous deliver (CD) within the enterprise. Talk then turns to the DevOps market, the role of software testing tools, and best practices for addressing the challenges that come with using multiple ones. To end, Matt discusses the testing capabilities enterprises need to leverage within the software delivery and deployment pipeline to ensure that apps can successfully move through staging and into production. Closing statements also touch on ​​​​​​how enterprises can build a successful DevOps practice that is effective at driving high software quality deliverables.


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