NetNut: Web Data Extraction and How to Turn Any Website Into Structured Data

Published on

Web data extraction. The ability to transform any website into structured data.

Using a residential proxy network, companies have been able to fine-tune their data collection for a range of use cases - from threat intelligence and email protection to ad verification and market research. 

But why do companies need this now? How do the different stacks of data extraction work and how can you make sure which one works best for you? And how is AI being used in this technology to reach industry-leading scalability and reliability?

In today’s episode of the EM360 Podcast, Head of Content Matt Harris speaks to Eitan Bremler, VP of Products at NetNut, to discuss:

  • Data extraction and why its a problem for companies
  • The different stacks of data extraction
  • How AI/ML should fit in to your data strategy

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