MANTA: Use Cases of Data Lineage

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Data lineage has had many different definitions over the years, but the common consensus is that it refers to the discipline of understanding how data flows through and across an enterprise. This includes where the data comes from (data origin), where the data goes (data journey), and how it is shaped and adjusted along the way (data transformation). On top of this, the term also describes a dataset's characteristics and quality. All in all, data lineage is multidimensional, and this makes for a plethora of use cases. 

Joining us to enlighten us about the multiple ways in which organisations can utilise data lineage is Ernie Ostic, SVP of Products at MANTA. In this podcast, Ernie explores one of the biggest business use cases for data lineage - data governance - and explains how Chief Data Officers and their data teams can best harvest it to build trust in siloed data and achieve full regulatory compliance. He also discusses the impact that data lineage is having on DataOps, before deep diving into how data lineage is helping organisations to fast-track their cloud migration journeys. To end, Ernie gives context to MANTA’s slogan ‘Data Lineage Done Right’ and what it means to have ‘right’ data lineage.

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