MANTA: Achieving Full Compliance and Building Trust in Data

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In a Heavily Regulated Industry Like Finance, Lineage Unlocks Full Compliance and Trust in Data.

Manual gathering of and reporting on information about an organization’s data are widespread yet harmful practices. The risks of manual processes increase as companies in heavily regulated sectors face mounting compliance requirements and an ever-increasing amount of data to process. In these circumstances, manual processes can jeopardize compliance with data-related legislation, generate huge costs, and undermine trust in an organization.

For a customer of ours in the finance industry, automating lineage discovery was the solution to these challenges. Automating lineage discovery helped the team adhere to financial data regulations (including BASEL II/III) and save more than 15 million USD during the initial implementation phase.

The process facilitated better forecasting, and the customer gained clarity on how numbers were being derived. These improvements also provided immediate visibility of the effects of a planned risk source change on downstream reports and systems.

Read the case study for a detailed overview of how automating lineage discovery enabled the team to achieve these results.