ManageEngine Episode 1: Controlling Access in the Enterprise

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In this exclusive 2-part podcast series with ManageEngine, IT experts share their thoughts on the hottest trends in IT management and cybersecurity and lend their expertise on how to overcome common challenges affecting the industry.

Joining Dr. Eric Cole, Founder and CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, in the first episode is Vivin Sathyan, Senior Technical Evangelist at ManageEngine. Vivin is no stranger to EM360, as he has previously featured on a previous podcast. This time, Vivin explores controlling access in the enterprise, in which he hones in on the role of cybersecurity when working with HR departments. He discusses the core things that should be implemented into the onboarding and offboarding process and sheds light on the commonplace security framework AAA (authentication, authorisation, and accounting) - i.e. its definition, its role within cybersecurity, and the point at which organisations tend to struggle with it. Eric and Vivin also delve into prevention versus detection and how to perform effective monitoring. The podcast ends with a discussion about the key metrics for measuring AAA and how ManageEngine helps organisations to implement the AAA protocol.

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