Komprise: A Faster Path to the Cloud for Unstructured Data

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The opposite of structured data, unstructured data is that which doesn't fit neatly into a database; it includes e-mail messages, social media posts, photos, videos, etc. According to IDC, 70% of data in most organsations is unstructured and, most importantly, cold (infrequently accessed), with this number increasing year on year. Trying to manage this mass quantity of unstructured data is painful, but the most alarming issue is the amount of it that continues to consume expensive backup resources. Can anything be done to help?

Joining us to explore the solution is Krishna Subramanian, President and COO at Komprise. Krishna sheds light on the power of cloud data tiering, particularly honing in on its ability to help manage enterprise costs, savings, and ROI. She also delves into the current challenges concerning mobilising unstructured data and why cloud data tiering - whether from a storage or data-centric approach - is the answer to businesses' prayers, especially concerning speed. Further points of discussion include the overlooked aspects of unstructured data management, the business benefits of the no lock-in versus locked-in method for data cloud migration, and how Komprise’s own unstructured data management for multi-cloud technology is enhancing companies today.



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