Komprise: Intelligent Data Management Architecture Overview

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Explosive data growth requires a re-think of how data is managed. Storage capacity is running out, backups are taking longer, and budgets can’t keep up with the unstructured data deluge. Managing data within vendor silos leads to poor visibility, proprietary lock-in, and ballooning costs. Komprise provides a standards-based, modern data management solution architected to put you in control of your data with unprecedented simplicity – by giving you visibility into all your data, moving data to the right place at the right time efficiently, and providing native access to data at every tier without proprietary lock-in.

Read this Komprise white paper to get an overview of:

  • Today’s Data Management Challenges
  • The Principles of Komprise Technology
  • The 6 Components of the Komprise Architecture
  • How it Works

From dynamic data analytics, to Transparent Movement Technology (TMT), to direct data access, with Komprise Intelligent Data Management, you are able to know first, move smart, and take control of massive unstructured data growth while cutting 70% of enterprise storage, backup, and cloud costs. Download this white paper to learn more.