Fivetran: The Biggest Challenges Facing Data Leaders Today - And How to Solve Them

Published on
22/11/2023 10:47 AM

In an era dominated by the relentless surge of information, data has become the lifeblood of modern businesses and organisations. As the volume, variety, and velocity of data continue to escalate at an unprecedented pace, the role of data leaders has become increasingly pivotal. 

These architects of the digital realm are entrusted with the formidable task of not only harnessing the power of data but also steering their organizations through the complex and ever-evolving data landscape.

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Head of Content Matt Harris speaks to Niamh O’Brien, Senior Manager of Solution Architecture at Fivetran to discuss:

  • Challenges faced by data leaders today
  • Becoming GenAI ready
  • The big opportunity for CDOs and their teams

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