Cloudera Episode 8: Security and Governance

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Cloudera Episode 8: Security and Governance

As brands across the enterprise come under ever more scrutiny for the ways in which they operate and, more specifically, adhere to privacy laws like GDPR, the topic of security and governance of data has never been more crucial. However, focusing on getting this right isn't easy when at the same time, the landscape in which businesses operate in is becoming increasingly nuanced year after year.

Join Scott Taylor hosting Ana Gillan, Senior Solutions Engineer, and Wim Stoop, Product Marketing Director at Cloudera, as they deconstruct, rationalize, and discuss solutions for this on-going business challenge. Topics range from how to think of security and governance as a 'business enabler', balancing usability and security, positioning automated security and governance as a benefit for cloud-based businesses, and the burning question: why are we still talking about security and governance in 2021? 

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