How Close is AI to Running All Enterprise Communications?

Published on
17/01/2024 09:43 AM
enterprise communications

AI has become widely used in enterprise communications in the wake of successful launches of multiple LLMs and strides in natural language processing.

From customer support chatbots to automated email responses, the applications leverage new advancements in AI to enhance efficiency and user experience. 

But how close is AI to running all aspects of enterprise communications? How can you design a product well enough to replace the complexity of human interaction? Can AI every truly be trusted in the face of multiple ethical and legal considerations?

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Head of Content Matt Harris speaks to Micah Singer, CEO at Kurmi Software about:

  • The current state of AI and communications
  • How close AI is to taking over the comms space
  • What AI holds in 2024 and beyond

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