Minit: How to get Robotic Process Automation right in 2019

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

Robotic Process Automation has the potential to drastically transform business within the horizon of the next five to ten years. However, successful business transformation requires a holistic approach that encompasses technology, process and people. This e-book describes several best-practices that can be leveraged to expedite RPA adoption and will help you: • Understand the obstacles to implementing RPA and what are the key factors causing RPA to fail to deliver on the promises and expectations of ROI. • Learn how to build a strong RPA foundation by focusing on process and how to use Process Mining to gain a full understanding of the process that is being automated. • Know which questions you need to ask and answer to build your digital workforce to be fast and scalable and to implement it with effective governance. Download it now and utilize Process Mining to ensure that your organization's RPA initiative succeeds.