What will be your focus area for a master data management strategy?

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12/12/2019 01:51 PM

Everybody wants to master their master data management (MDM). In particular, data has become the vogue of enterprise tech. Many companies are becoming more data-driven to better decision-making and identify room for improvement. Therefore, every company wants to be managing it in the most innovative and rewarding way.

However, every business will be using MDM to achieve something different to the next. Thus, it's important to know which solutions and trends can unlock the most data value to keep your organisation ahead of your particular curve.

Keeping up with the cloud

Cloud-based MDM is in high demand. It's no wonder; every organisation is trying to migrate and amalgamate more so than ever before. Cloud-native solutions, like anything cloud-based, tend to be less costly, thus saving companies money. Furthermore, cloud-based MDM alleviates the need for any hardware and therefore, the maintenance costs they come with.

Fortunately, there are many vendors spearheading cloud-based MDM. Take Talend, for example. This company promises to "get data you trust at the speed you need." It uses native code generation to run your data pipelines across all cloud providers. The Talend offering consists of a single suite of apps for data integration and data integrity. Enabling cloud and on-premise systems to talk to each other securely, it's no wonder that Talend has such an impressive client portfolio.

Another cloud-native platform is Reltio. This platform presents a higher rate of innovation and new technology adoption. Reltio Cloud blends together master data and big data across all domains and formats. These can be internal, external, and even social media sources, all brought to you in a unified view through modern data management platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Therefore, you can quickly and easily drive your digital transformation and enhance customer experience. In fact, Reltio is the first true multi-cloud, multi-tenant, multi-model PaaS.

Informatica is also pioneering enterprise cloud data management. Their modular, end-to-end MDM solution can unlock the untapped value of your data. One of its greatest perks is its flexibility; the Informatica way is to start with your most pressing needs and then grow the system as the business expands. It also enables you to identify relationship insights within your data so you can spot connections between customers, products, suppliers, and more.

Doing it the intelligent way

If zeroing in on artificial intelligent is more up your street, then you can check out solutions such as that of Ataccama. The company's AI-powered data curation platform creates a central repository of your key data assets. That way, you can better understand your customers, detect fraud, remain regulatory-compliant, and much more. Notably, Ataccama revamps your multiple data views into one. Not only that, for those of you on the Hadoop or Spark bandwagon, you'll be pleased to know that Ataccama ONE MDM can be deployed in both these environments.

Getting ahead with governance

If governance is your main priority, Immuta is the company for you. Immuta promises "granular, dynamic control of who accesses your data." This is without copying data and without any code at all. As a result, it's easier for your organisation to prove compliance and make decisions. All actions in the Immuta control plane are monitored and logged in one place. Furthermore, you can enjoy automated reports that will be able to tell you who has accessed what data source, and more. That way, every question you have about your data activity can always be answered.

Mastering multi-domain

For those of you juggling data entities and hard-to-integrate legacy systems, you need to look no further than Enterworks. The Enterworks Enable™ Multi-Domain Master Data Management provides a framework of technologies and processes "with a central repository of reliable, up-to-date master data consolidated across all enterprise applications." Thus, you can enjoy a single view of multiple domains, rather than the other way round. The platform provides a way to improve the efficiencies and quality of decision for enterprise processes, helping you listen to your business better.

Putting the customers first

Customer centricity is at the heart of many businesses today. Fortunately for them, solutions such as Stibo Systems are available. Their customer data management platform can help you "fuel your corporate initiatives." This is because it allows you to reflect on high-quality data so that you can identify areas for improvement in marketing, sales, and so on. By getting closer to your customer data, you can make smarter decisions at speed. Their highly agile solution can be deployed on cloud or on-premise, meeting your customers wherever they are.

A more personal approach

If you're still finding your feet in the data sphere, Comma, the international management consultancy, can guide you through your data journey. Their experts help you realise the true value of information. With Comma, clients can enjoy heightened business outcomes and, better still, long-term success. Comma's data geniuses can help you no matter where you are in your data journey, whether that's advising you on your strategy or leading your business through a large-scale change.

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