What would you do if you lost everything? Every March 31st, or April Fool's Eve, World Backup Day reminds us to not be the fool this year. Despite the saturation of 'events' in our calendars (from World Doughnut Day to Public Sleeping Day), World Backup Day is highly relevant to our daily lives and is certainly worth the celebration. Besides, any excuse for a party, am I right? World Backup Day aims to raise awareness about the "increasing role of data in our lives and the importance of regular backups." In particular, it shines a spotlight on how damaging losing your data can be, and how easy it is to minimise this damage if only people would back up their data. Case in point: those of you who have ever dropped your phone in water, say aye (we all seem to learn the hard way that mobiles don't belong in a bathroom.) Anyway, in that second when the phone hits the water, you can lose all of your texts, contacts, pictures, and more if the accident renders the phone irreparable. Your only saving grace is previous backups. However, our personal devices aren't all that are susceptible to data loss. Businesses too must be backing up their data or suffer significant disruption and damage. The need to do so is more important now than ever; with so many companies working from home in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, employees everywhere need to access their company data remotely. This puts immense pressure on IT teams to protect all data assets and keep everything in order. Thus, data backups need to be an enterprise-wide effort. Fortunately, there are many best practices to bolster your efforts, such as:

  • Upping the ante on the frequency of your backups
  • Using remote storage so that if your physical device is compromised, you can still access the data
  • Hash out a detailed disaster recovery plan for when the inevitable does happen
  • Raise awareness among the workforce of the importance of backups

Despite the one day of the year that backing up data is commemorated, it's vital to practice this all year round. Malicious actors, puddles, and computer crashes wait for no one, and you don't want to succumb to an avoidable data loss. Thus, you should seriously take the time to consider your backup strategies and revisit this periodically. That way, if does someone ask you "what would you do if you lost everything?", you can smugly reply that it'll never happen.

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