Top 10 Sensitive Data Discovery Software Tools

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Best sensitive data discovery tools

Sensitive data discovery tools have become a crucial investment for many data-driven companies in recent years. These software solutions support organisations in finding sensitive data, form Personally Identifiable Information (PII), to Payment Card Industry data (PCI).

Businesses need access to sensitive data discovery tools today to comply with a host of crucial regulatory standards for data privacy and protection. Guidelines created by GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and PCI DSS all require business leaders to be able to find sensitive information and potentially remove it from their ecosystem when necessary. Check 5 things you need to know about GDPR.

Top 10 Sensitive Data Discovery Tools

The question is, which sensitive data discovery software is most likely to deliver the right results for your company? Here are just some of the top options available in 2023.


Enabling sensitivity data discovery through the powerful Content Intelligence Engine, Egnyte uses a combination of AI, machine learning, and valuable data tracking algorithms to help companies maintain their compliance standards. Egnyte’s all-in-one cloud content governance platform can offer access to everything from instant data discovery, to threat detection, even in a multi-cloud landscape.

More than 17,000 companies currently use the Egnyte technology to gain a transparent 360-degree insight into their content, allowing for smarter decision-making and rapid response to risks and opportunities across a host of use cases. The simple turnkey solution is ideal for lifecycle management, privacy control and more.


A leader in security and governance, the OneTrust platform provides a comprehensive ecosystem of data discovery and protection applications. As one of the fastest-growing companies in data governance, OneTrust has earned the attention of countless leading brands, including more than half of the Fortune Global 500.

The OneTrust data discovery landscape comes with access to a host of patented technology innovations, and it's powered by OneTrust Athena – the OneTrust AI and robotic automation landscape. Companies can access everything from data intelligence, to integrated risk management software in the same unified space with OneTrust.


A leader in the emerging environment of artificial intelligence-powered data protection and privacy, Securiti offers everything from governance and compliance applications, to PrivacyOps and more. With solutions intended for multicloud, SaaS, and self-managed data systems, Securiti applies to a wide range of business leaders.

Securiti was originally formed by veterans in the digital industry from Cisco, Symantec, and Elastica, and has been named the “Most Innovative Start-up” in the past too. The full-stack solution for privacy and sensitive data discovery has everything companies need, from consent management to assessment automation.


With a focus on data privacy management strategies designed to build trust between brands and their customers or partners, DataGrail is a strong contender in this list. The company stands as one of the most widely used sensitive data discovery tools in the age of business transparency, thanks to its easy-to-use platform and scalable privacy features.

Users of DataGrail’s solutions will have access to a comprehensive platform they can use to automate privacy and maintain compliance with crucial regulations like GDPR and CCPA. The solution also comes with access to a range of more than 900 pre-built integrations with popular tools and apps. DataGrail ahs already earned the attention of countless companies like NETGEAR and Overstock.

Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection, or AIP, is one of the many tools offered by the Microsoft brand for privacy, security, and technology management in a digital world. The Azure Information Protection landscape comes with everything businesses might need to control and secure all kinds of sensitive data, documents, and emails shared inside and outside of your company.

The AIP technology also comes with access to a range of tools for easy classification like embedded labels and permissions, to help enhanced data protection easily. What’s more, there are insightful analytics available for business leaders too.


Another market leader relying on artificial intelligence and machine learning for identifying critical business data, Nightfall is a fantastic tool for sensitive information discovery. The Nightfall AI cloud-native ecosystem makes it easy to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data in any environment. You can even integrate your environment with tools like GitHub and Slack in seconds.

The Nightfall environment comes with pre-tuned and standard detectors of sensitive data available out of the box, so you can minimise the training and learning required for your team. There’s also the option to set up your own automated workflows for data quarantines and deletions.


Osano promises to make sensitive data management as simple and straightforward as possible, with an easy-to-use platform any business user can access. The Osano data discovery ecosystem uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and pinpoint secure information and private data on your behalf, so you can spend more time on the other aspects of running your business.

Osano can help with managing consent, with one of the leading cookie consent solutions on the market and provide direct alerts and guidance to help you automatically monitor privacy practices. The Osano company also has a dedicated consulting team who can help with everything from assessing your privacy posture, to performing DPIAs.

IBM Guardium Data Protection

Produced by one of the better-known companies in the technology landscape, IBM Security Guardium Data Protection empowers all kinds of security teams to monitor and protect their digital environments like never before. You can use the ecosystem to keep track of information cloud and big-data platforms, as well as databases and data warehouses.

IBM’s technology provides automated sensitive data detection, as well as data classification, real-time activity monitoring and in-depth analytics to help track unusual activities around sensitive data. The solution aims to minimise cost of ownership while improving compliance at the same time.


Promising to help anyone easily comply with regulations like GDPR and PCI DSS, Safetica offers an easy-to-use environment where companies can easily access insights into their private and protected data. You can leverage intelligent tools and AI to automatically seek out your sensitive data and implement automation workflows to enhance your protection strategy.

Safetica ensures you can instantly identify and classify all kinds of data, as well as protecting the information you need to store with a range of security measures. The affordable solution is designed to suit customers of all sizes.

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

A leader in data visibility and security, ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is a unified platform specialising in the auditing of files, file management, and data risk assessment. With this technology solution, business leaders can leverage everything from file integrity monitoring to security incident notifications and insider threat detection.

A comprehensive approach to data management and security means business leaders have a more convenient way to monitor and report on all kinds of data and file accesses in their ecosystem. The technology even comes with access to a range of ransomware tools.