How can businesses best overcome the challenges of multi-cloud?


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Multi-cloud is gaining popularity as businesses get their digital transformation underway. In particular, a multi-cloud approach enables companies to work flexibly while keeping costs down.

However, with multiple cloud services, an organisation faces multiple plates to spin. As a result, businesses must carefully consider their multi-cloud strategy shaped around their own organisational requirements.

Fundamentally, multi-cloud architecture must enable scalability and reliability of enterprise applications. This way, whatever the purpose of your business application, your architecture can deliver on longevity.

Then, of course, every multi-cloud strategy needs emphasis on security. This means that enterprises must take the time to review the security policies per cloud service provider and pay close attention to any gaps in between. If neglected, businesses may find themselves at risk of breaching compliance and governance requirements.

For the sake of ease, organisations should seek multiple vendors with common denominators. However, businesses will simultaneously need a workforce with rich and diverse skill sets to match the diversity of the vendors. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done, and it can also be quite the squeeze on your organisation's budget.

On the bright side, companies don't need to face the burden of multi-cloud alone. A number of solutions are available out there to assist in your multi-cloud journey.

Introducing Aviatrix

Aviatrix is among our favourites when it comes to multi-cloud guidance because of its unique offering. Aviatrix promises to help organisations reap the best of multi-cloud by eliminating the networking, security, visibility, and troubleshooting challenges it often comes with.

At its heart, Aviatrix is the first and only provider of cloud-native networking software. It enables organisations to enjoy the simplicity and automation of the cloud without compromising on visibility and control. To reduce simplicity, Aviatrix's CloudOperations comes with a visualisation tool, as well as frictionless branch office on-boarding to simplify cloud-to-site (to name a few).

In terms of security, Aviatrix secure remote user access and secure application ingress and egress. In turn, employees, partners, legacy data centres, and branch offices alike can enjoy secure immersion into the cloud.

Aviatrix Solutions Architects are at hand to address your organisation's unique needs. They have an impressive client portfolio, including Netflix, Nu Skin, and Docker, all of which have worked with Aviatrix to successfully simplify their journey to cloud.

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