Comforte AG: The benefits of a data-centric security model for PSP

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Comforte AG: Data-Centric Security

Data compliance for the PCI is a minefield of rules and regulations to protect sensitive customer data. However, when it comes to protecting all of this data, there are a lot of factors to consider, and if organisations are not making this a priority, then it could spell disaster. A data-centric security strategy can be of enormous benefit for PSP to help prioritise datasets and mitigate evolving business risks. Joining us to lend their expertise on the matter is Jonathan Deveaux, Head of Marketing - Enterprise Data Protection at Comforte AG and Marty Edelman, CTO at Creative System Software.

In this podcast, they discuss the current landscape and approach to security. Then, they discuss the downsides of an encryption-based model when it changes the characteristics of the data. Finally, they look at the benefits of tokenization with its ease of implementation and use of fewer resources.

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