Tamr: Guiding DataOps Teams Through Rapid Change and Uncertainty

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Data pipelines are becoming a quintessential part of every organisation that is wanting to be data fluent. This means DataOps is becoming increasingly more important in this process as it is used by analytic and data teams, to improve quality and reduce the cycle time of data analytics. However, now organisations are facing unprecedented challenges with current events and widespread lockdown. It’s important to understand how to guide DataOps teams through these rapid changes and uncertainties so that data can remain functional.

In this podcast, Ronald van Loon speaks to Suki Dhuphar, EMEA Field Engineering Lead at Tamr. Firstly, Suki outlines the challenges that DataOps teams face with remote work and how to overcome these challenges. Then he explains how DataOps teams streamline their data engineering processes once they’re equipped with the right tools. Also, Suki explains how a remote work environment impacts an organisations data pipeline and creating a culture that is adaptable. Finally, he explains the best practices needed to help increase data and analytics efficiency for transitioning processes.

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