IDEE: Why are Digital Identities Essential for the Success of Online Retail?

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The landscape of online retail is changing rapidly. Customers today expect to get everything they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. Instantly. With international tech giants taking over increasingly larger shares of the market, it is not enough for retailers to just expand their online offer. To remain competitive, established online retailers must offer their customers a seamless journey.

Today, the fragility of digital identities and authentication and authorization processes stand in the way of smooth customer experience. The checkout process always stands between the purchase decision of a new customer and the actual purchase, because today the customer has to sign up, enter data and create a new password. The result is that 1 of 5 customers abandon shopping carts, causing $4 trillion in lost revenue per year.

It is time to rethink digital identity and its possibilities. As a retailer, it’s time to provide customers with a truly seamless shopping experience that can simultaneously meet the security and privacy needs. Innovative identity solutions must meet the customer requirements of today and tomorrow and still integrate with today’s systems. From this Solution Brief, you’ll learn about Digital Identity by IDEE and the reason why IDEE’s approach is being so highly appreciated by some of the largest market players in Europe and in the USA. For more information visit