Which cybersecurity tools effectively address insider threats?

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Insider threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it is thus vital that enterprises implement robust cybersecurity solutions. In order to decipher which tools effectively address insider threats, ObserveIT have released The Fact or Fiction: Which Cybersecurity Tools Really Address Insider Threat?, a comprehensive whitepaper detailing the state of current solutions.

The state of insider threats

Despite the hopes of some cybersecurity professionals, there is no "magic fix" for the insider threat challenge. As the report observes, however, this problem can "cost an organisation upwards of $8.76 million on average, over a 12-month period." Tackling insider threats thus requires a holistic and strategic approach in order to be successful. First and foremost, ObserveIT recommends a concentrated focus on the people, processes, and technology within an organisation. By focusing on these core elements, companies can consolidate and understand their cybersecurity policy expectations. Enterprises can also "deliver visibility into potentially risky activity, and enforce policies in a consistent and transparent manner." With this in mind, choosing the right Insider Threat Management technology is crucial. In turn, cybersecurity teams benefit from the visibility they require to "effectively detect, investigate, and prevent potential insider threat incidents."

How to effectively address insider threats

It is crucial to invest in a robust insider threat solution in order to mitigate the financial consequences of an incident. When evaluating technologies that detect and minimise these threats, ObserveIT insists that companies must consider three critical building blocks. In effect, organisations require a solution capable of providing teams with a comprehensive method of detecting, investigating, and preventing insider threat incidents. However, ObserveIT is the only true Insider Threat Management solution capable of delivering these three elements. ObserveIT can also detect threats whether they are accidental or are essentially driven by malicious intent. Overall, the solution fits into a more holistic and comprehensive strategy, which focuses on a balance of people, processes, and technology.

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