How does web application shielding help us meet the security issues of today?

Published on
12/12/2019 01:49 PM

Web-based applications are thriving, and companies everywhere are enjoying the competitive edge they come with. However, as with almost every walk of technology, as one arena advances, hackers do too. It's one of the biggest shames about innovations in the technology, but thankfully, there are always forward-thinking vendors to catch you if you fall.

We'll get to them later, but firstly, let's explore what application shielding really is. In today's cloud computing and increasingly web-based landscape, web applications are a cost-effective and appropriate tool in today's environment. However, the web creates a giant burning hole for malicious actors to compromise your data, steal money, or even to spy on your users. These are, obviously, all extremely serious, so it cannot be left to chance. Thus, anyone with a web-based application must have a solution in place to protect the organisation, its reputation, and its users. Thankfully, security vendors have been spearheading web application shielding to address the issue.

Getting your guard up

Application shielding is the process of modifying an application's source or binary code to boost immunity to tampering. This can be used to reinforce any kind of application, but some solutions are tailored for specific environments, such as web.

One such example is RedShield, which is, by the way, the first web application shielding-with-a-service cybersecurity company. This company works by building advanced shielding plans to meet your needs. This is by identifying relevant existing shields and developing the additional shields necessary. RedShield's solution can automate deployment of proprietary base policy shields. Furthermore, RedShield provides custom configuration of DDoS and SIEM. In practice, RedShield can identify and address your business's vulnerabilities and logic flaws. In turn, they can make vulnerability mitigation a reality for your company.

Another company to the rescue is Sucuri. If their impressive customer portfolio is anything to go by, these guys rock cleaning and protecting. This company recognises that cyber threats are constantly evolving, so their researchers are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve. The Sucuri team keep your organisation's interests at heart by making their solutions customisable and easy to deploy. For Sucuri, they offer multi-step plans for the different layers of security, leaving no stone unturned or vulnerability exposed.

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