Why is threat detection and incident response so crucial?

Published on
12/12/2019 01:49 PM

CyberEdge has released a report with insights from 1,200 IT security pros in order to assess the current cyberthreat landscape. Above all, the paper highlights the need for threat detection and incident response in the enterprise.

The state of the cyberthreat landscape

Overall, CyberEdge received responses from 1,200 qualified IT security decision makers and practitioners. In total, the responses came from organisations with over 500 employees across 19 industries.

Despite a decline in successful cyberattacks last year, 78% of organisations suffered from an attack this year. Pessimism was also on the rise, with nearly two-thirds of IT security professionals believing that an attack is imminent.

For the second year running, application containers edged mobile devices as IT security's weakest link. For the third year, many organisations also struggled with app development and testing the security process.

However, respondents cited implementing and integrating cyberthreat detection technologies as their greatest challenge. Meanwhile, 84% of organisations experienced an IT security skills shortage, up from 81% in 2018.

Implementing threat detection technology

Today, information security and incident response teams struggle because they cannot see what is happening on their network. Due to a lack of visibility, these teams cannot detect threats with confidence and thus fail to respond quickly and effectively.

It is now more important than ever to successfully detect and respond to cyberthreats. In order to help organisations with this process, Gigamon provides the insights needed to see, secure, and empower enterprise networks.

In effect, these solutions accelerate threat detection and incident response times. Moreover, Gigamon allows customers to maximise their infrastructure performance across physical, virtual, and cloud networks.

Customers can ultimately minimise detection and response time by using high confidence threat detection and real-time access to data for threat investigation searches. Gigamon's Insight solution is also unique as it is cloud-based and designed by responders, for responders.

Using broad situational awareness and real-time access to historical metadata, this shifts the balance of power from attackers to defenders. Overall, Insight rapidly detects threat activity, investigates suspicious behaviour, proactively hunts for potential risks, and directs a fast and effective response to active threats.

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