Why is data encryption so important for enterprise security?

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12/12/2019 01:56 PM

It's a shame that data, which is among the most valuable of assets for the enterprise, necessitates so much maintenance. However, businesses cannot afford to take shortcuts; malicious actors know the value of company data just as well as you do. Therefore, to stop hackers running off to the black market with confidential corporate data, data security has shot to the forefront of business priorities.

Of course, there are numerous options for boosting threat immunity. However, none are quite as all-encompassing as data encryption. It's nothing new – most businesses today are using it – but you can't talk effective data security without giving it a nod.

Data encryption saves the day

The cloud has bestowed many a perk upon enterprise technology, but it does come with one data disadvantage. As businesses continue to make the cloud transition, there's lots of data in motion making its way through the internet. Unfortunately, all it will take is one opportunist hacker to grab that data and hold it for ransom.

Thus, you need a concrete wall around your data, whether at rest or in transit. A fantastic way to do so is via data encryption.

Data encryption ensures that only the intended recipient has access to the data. This is by issuing intended recipients an encryption key. Anyone who does not have permission to access the data will see a scrambled, unreadable version of it instead.

The beauty of data encryption is that it is such a simple way to ensure your data remains untouched by unauthorised persons. It also guarantees authenticity of the data by making the point of origin clear.

However, it's important to remember that it doesn't work as a standalone. While it does a pretty good job by itself, you still need to bring in reinforcement in the form of key management solutions.

Furthermore, you should still educate your workforce on data use, data sharing, and the challenges associated. By combining education with encryption, you are covering all bases as best as you can.

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