Can machine learning enhance cybersecurity in the enterprise?

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are beginning to permeate every aspect of the enterprise. However, a whitepaper from ESET explores whether machine learning truly has the ability to enhance cybersecurity in the enterprise.

AI hype or ML reality?

Advances in machine learning (ML) have catalysed a wealth of innovation in the enterprise. As the report states, the algorithms that now process and analyse data ultimately depend on ML technology.

However, some business environments inaccurately use ML interchangeably with artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, a OnePoll survey conducted on behalf of ESET found that 82% of respondents believe that their organisation has already implemented a cybersecurity product utilising ML.

Among the remaining 18% of respondents, 53% stated that their organisation is planning to implement a cybersecurity solution utilising ML in the next 3-5 years. Meanwhile, just 23% declared that they are not planning to implement a ML-based cybersecurity solution in the near future.

80% of respondents also said that ML already does help or will help their company detect and respond faster to threats. Finally, 76% of respondents somewhat or strongly agreed that these technologies will help to solve their cybersecurity skills shortages.

Can ML fuel future cyberattacks?

While ML is undoubtedly a valuable tool when battling cybercrime, using a single technology has its limitations. According to the report, this ultimately "has the potential to lead to damaging consequences."

Specifically, attackers can often find a way around a "purely-ML based security solution" with financial backing and time. It is therefore safer to adopt a more balanced approach to enterprise cybersecurity.

This entails deploying a multi-layered solution that has the ability to leverage both the power and potential of ML. Nevertheless, it is integral that companies also implement other detection and prevention technologies, alongside human expertise.

How can ML enhance cybersecurity in the enterprise?

In order to implement a successful cybersecurity solution, ESET recommends a "fine-tuned blend" of multiple security layers. By combining ML and human expertise, enterprises can benefit from the highest detection rates and a low number of false positives.

With three decades of experience, ESET demonstrates that enterprises cannot achieve proper protection by just relying on one technology. Rather, a multi-layered approach is crucial in order to "keep the solution resilient against adversaries."

The company also closely monitors developments on the black-hat scene and reacts by constantly improving its protective solutions. In effect, ESET ensures that a combination of robust tools allows enterprises to enhance their cybersecurity strategy.

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