Tech Chat hits the road: Women in Cybersecurity Awards

Published on
16/12/2019 02:15 PM
Youtube Video

In this episode of Tech Chat, we’re very excited to be sharing exclusive interviews with some of the winners and those involved at the NTT Women in Cybersecurity Awards (see here for the event preview). Launched by NTT Security in partnership with Global Digital Women, the event took place at IET London on 15 October. In particular, the event celebrated the brilliant women who are shaking up the cybersecurity landscape.

Firstly, we spoke with Sarah Wood, Client Partner and Head of Women’s Business Network at NTT Data, who shared her highlights of the day with us. Then, we met with the winner of the Professional category, Carolyn Ngiam, Security Programme Director at Barclays. Carolyn advises on what schools and universities should do to encourage more girls to take on STEM subjects.

Afterwards, we also spoke with Saher Naumaan, Threat Intelligence Analyst at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence and winner in the Newcomer Category. Saher discusses what organisations can gain from having a more diverse workforce.