SafeGuard Cyber: Social and Digital Endpoint

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SafeGuard Cyber: Social and Digital Endpoint

Businesses are increasingly utilising channels such as LinkedIn and WhatsApp to enhance customer interactivity and stay connected with team members. However, the current network security infrastructure was established before their creation. As a result, third-party apps have introduced security risks that the current structure cannot account for. Thus, businesses must take extra care to ensure their channels are secure.

Otavio Freire, President, CTO, and Co-Founder at SafeGuard Cyber, joins us on this podcast to discuss the matter. Firstly, Otavio details the shortfalls of the current infrastructure and how this impacts companies' social and digital channels. Of course, these channels do have their in-app security and privacy settings, but Otavio outlines why these are not enough to rely on. He then goes on to explain the threats associated with social media channels. In light of these obstacles, Otavio shares his thoughts on how companies can get around the risks and make the most out of their social and digital channels.

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