How can your organisation benefit from data leak detection?


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Today, data protection is more urgent than ever. Not only has the value of data increased, but people are becoming more and more aware of their own safety and privacy. Thus, organisations must honour customer concerns and ensure that their security is watertight. Unfortunately, there are a number of ways that a data leak can be caused. From accidents to malicious actors and disgruntled employees, businesses are having to spin more plates than they can often handle. Furthermore, thanks to newer innovations and technologies – for example, Internet of Things – organisations are more susceptible to data mishaps than ever, despite their best efforts. The sad, blunt truth is that data leaks are inevitable in today's landscape. The good news is that there are solutions out there to take some of that edge off. One of the best to make use of is data leak detection. To better demonstrate how organisations can benefit from it, we will use one of our favourite offerings: CybelAngel.


CybelAngel is an enterprise-grade data leak detection platform. In fact, it is the only data leak detection platform that "continuously and comprehensively monitors every layer of the internet." Sounds unbelievable, but it's true; CybelAngel harnesses machine learning algorithms that comprise the only technology to efficiently monitor this expansive layer of the internet. It also uses superior scanning technology and human analysis and expertise to monitor the entire internet for your enterprise's data leaks. If it identifies a data leak or digital threat, it will instantly alert you. What's rather impressive is that it can detect a leak even if the data is only exposed for a moment. As we know, when it comes to data leaks, time is of the essence. Thus, CybelAngel makes the perfect partner to help you act quickly and minimise the damage. As well as the alerts, it'll provide a report of all the actionable information you need to remedy the leak. As well as the quick fix, it will also help your company in the long run by making clear to you where your weaknesses are. Better still, CybelAngel makes a quick, easy addition to your current IT and cyber tooling. In turn, it's pretty much a no-brainer; CybelAngel is the peace of mind enterprises have all been longing for.

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