PGi: Better Than Bots – Welcome to the AI-Powered Era of Smart Collaboration

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In this new era of work, time is of the essence. Organizations must constantly adapt to new workforce expectations and behaviours, building tech stacks that align to the broader communication and collaboration needs of employees.

We’re embarking on a new era where collaboration, and in turn, meetings, are reaching an entirely new level of complexity. Technology should help you maximize your time and your potential; it shouldn’t waste it with technical glitches and user issues.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other digital is the key to helping us operate more efficiently and effectively. It can make your work life easier and drive smarter cross-functional collaboration and augment all facets of the meeting experience. It also gives us the power to spend less time managing clunky platforms and more time being creative and productive.

What does AI-powered smart collaboration improve? Meeting orchestration. Calendar awareness. Presenter transitions. Meeting recordings. Automated transcription.

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