Modern Performance Management : Why Companies are Rethinking the Annual Performance Review

Published on
12/12/2019 12:48 PM

Performance management processes are not "going away," but they are transforming in the digital workplace to support more frequent, contextual and transparent feedback. HR leaders should explore these new approaches and consider their impacts on related processes and talent management applications.

In recent years, Gartner has seen growing but shifting interest in performance management processes and technologies, driven both by dissatisfaction with current systems as well as the increasing demands of the digital workplace, where a more consumerized work environment promotes employee agility, effectiveness and engagement.

Some organisations are looking to abolish the performance review rating for its divisive nature. Other organisations are looking to augment or even replace the annual review meeting with more frequent conversations – face to face or virtual, formal or informal – between employees and managers. Still, others are hoping to leverage more consumer like tools such as social networking to drive engagement and collaboration around goals and objectives, to improve individual and team performance as well as organisational culture.

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