ChannelAdvisor: Connect With More Consumers Through Amazon Advertising

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ChannelAdvisor – A Comprehensive E-Commerce Platform

Amazon is the largest retailer in the world, so it’s a no-brainer that brands and retailers are listing their products on the site in the masses. However, even the largest names in retail are not immune to visibility issues on the site. Not only this, limited space further intensifies the weight of the competition.

Until recently, SEO, optimised descriptions, and the like were tactical enough to boost visibility. However, this is no longer the case. Relying on these practices alone will not guarantee that your product will get right in front of the buyers.

Instead, brands and retailers should seek the right e-commerce solution to get ahead of the competition. In this whitepaper, ChannelAdvisor outline that a well-managed advertising strategy is key for long-term Amazon success. It’s not just about catapulting your products in the search results. The right strategy will help you reach new customers and protect your brand equity. This is especially important to stop competitors bidding on your brand terms.

ChannelAdvisor hones in on the knowledge of their award-winning experts to deliver a platform that helps retailers in the ever-changing online landscape. With a firm grip on Amazon nuances, ChannelAdvisor’s advanced strategy has been proven to boost return on advertising spend and advertising cost of sale. Retailers can also make use of their best-in-class technologies. This includes customisable reporting and automated bid management. Above all, ChannelAdvisor’s platform promises to save companies time and boost their sales.