The Top 10 System Integrator Companies for 2019

Published on
13/12/2019 07:38 AM

Digital transformation is hugely prevalent in virtually every sector. Companies are increasingly searching for ways to combine their most essential services and process into the same stack. Thus, system integration experts – businesses capable of aligning multiple pieces of software and hardware into a blended environment – are becoming more valuable than ever. 

Recently, businesses have become more reliant on a wider variety of tools and components to keep their processes running smoothly. As a result, the system integrator space has evolved. There are now dozens of high-performing consultants and agencies available to help you adapt and also enhance your business operations. 

The question is, which system integrator companies are the best?

Here are our top 10 choices for 2019. 


There's a good reason why Accenture is one of the best-known companies in the IT environment. This business offers a wide range of IT and digital transformation services, including state-of-the-art system integration. The company was recognised as the Global Systems Integrator of the year by Qlik in 2014. Also, Accenture is a leader in the Forrester report for Salesforce integration services. 

For companies in search of exceptional digital experience and business intelligence, Accenture is a go-to source of expertise. What's more, the company will help you transform your end-to-end lifecycle with more efficient, effective, and budget-friendly processes and technology. 


HCL is an experienced digital company that brings in-depth expertise and knowledge to the systems integration space. The organisation uses a combination of excellent customer support and a vast services portfolio to drive exceptional value for customers in search of a quick and reliable way to transform their business operations. 

With HCL, you can unlock integrated service offerings that ensure immersive end-to-end global application lifecycle management for your workforce. There's also the option to work with HCL as a consultant in global labs and innovation centres that will help you bring your ideas for applications and new processes to life. 


One of the world's most well-renowned global systems integrator companies, Cognizant is a specialist with expertise in healthcare, financial services, retail, and manufacturing. This company is dedicated to helping enterprises analyse and transform their current operations and technology. Thus, companies can enjoy more cost efficient and effective processes. 

With a passion for client satisfaction and deep industry experience, Cognizant is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. The brand was also recognised as the ThingWorx 2016 System Integrator Partner of the Year. 


Deloitte is commended worldwide for it's excellent contributions to technology and business intelligence. For systems integrations, Deloitte helps businesses of all sizes to harness and combine the benefits of crucial technologies, overcoming integration challenges with internal and also third-party processes.

Deloitte's incredible team of system integration specialists can help businesses from multiple sectors manage and overcome the complexity in their technology stacks. With Deloitte, you can solve a host of business challenges using the integration of services, technology, and processes, with support from a team that can help with testing, application architecture, and programme management. Deloitte can also assist with system design and development. 

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services, or TCS, is a world-recognised leader in IT services, business solutions, and consulting. In 2015, the EMC group named the company Global System Integrator Partner of the Year.

As a system integration specialist, TCS offers its clients access to in-depth expertise in the development, integration, and management of highly immersive joint solutions. Additionally, the combined offerings from TCS help to effectively drive faster digital and business transformation campaigns in enterprises of all sizes and backgrounds. What's more, TCS's expertise in consultancy ensures that the team can answer any questions you may have along the way. 



Wipro's BoundaryLess Data Center system integration offerings include cloud systems integration services and cloud advisory services. This means that you can choose to have Wipro as involved in your transformation strategy as you like. Furthermore, the company is responsible for producing business process transformation services for some of the world's leading communication service providers. Therefore, you can rest assured that you'll get great results from Wipro. 

The prebuilt process-based solutions for system integration from Wipro are ideal for supporting the faster introduction of new services in a business, improving go-to-market time, and more. Wipro also believes that their solutions help to strengthen customer loyalty for their clients. 



Capgemini is another well-known name in the IT landscape. The company offers support to companies that want to boost the performance and efficiency of their IT services by combining tools, IT policies, and technologies. With an ad hoc service integration solution from Capgemini, your business can access multiple service catalogues without having to worry about project delays or incompatible tool sets. 

Capgemini has almost two decades of experience delivering solution and service integration services to clients across the globe, in both the public and private sectors. Furthermore, the team works closely with every customer to ensure that you always get the right outcomes. 


Polytron is one of the more recent additions to the systems integrator field. Selected by Cisco's Digital Transformation Group to be the leader in its integrator pilot program, this innovative digital solutions company has a lot to offer. Polytron is a holistic consulting and engineering firm for manufacturers, as well as a system integrator – offering companies multiple ways to embrace their own unique digital transformation journeys. 

In 2019, the Polytron brand recieved the System Integrator of the Year award for its achievements in the areas of technical expertise, customer satisfaction, and unique business skills. 


One of the best-known IT and business consulting companies in the world, Infosys offers system integration solutions to businesses of all sizes. Infosys solutions combine state-of-the-art strategies with implementation opportunities using proven methodologies such as value realisation. 

To help businesses transform, Infosys delivers services like strategic insight analytics, process transformation consulting, information transformation, and organisational guidance. The Infosys team can also help you build a scalable, efficient, and secure IT landscape to reach your unique integration goals. 

SADA Systems

SADA Systems is a leading Google Cloud partner and privately held provider of business and technology consulting services. The company has a host of global accolades under its belt, including 2017 Google Cloud North American Sales Partner of the Year. SADA also appeared on Inc. 5000's fastest-growing private companies list for 11 years in a row. 

SADA Systems are committed to helping businesses evolve through innovative solutions designed on the cloud. They also offer support in everything from cloud platform migration to application development, user adoption, and change management services. Furthermore, SADA Systems prides itself on continuous innovation and growth.